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Waveguide Fittings

  • Electroforms & Components

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    Electroforms and Components manufacture and stock parts and assemblies for microwave applications. Made to your specification, or their standards from extensive stocks. Products include a wide range of waveguide flanges in brass and aluminium, electroformed components i.e. bends, twists, horns, transitions and tapers. EFC also supply high quality seal rings, contact shims, gaskets, coupling rings, nuts, bolts and fasteners. All components meet Nato, IEC 154, Mil-F-3922 and British BS 6569.

  • Microwave Development Labs

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    Microwave Development Labs' product lines include waveguide bends and twists, directional couplers and monopulse comparators, rotary joints, microwave filters, rotary switches and waveguide shutters, waveguide pressure windows and other components. Besides manufacturing thousands of standard waveguide microwave components, MDL's engineers, who are experts in various areas of the technology, are accustomed to cooperating with customers who have special electrical and mechanical requirements.